About prd

The Prd Experience

At PRD, our objective is to create the best club baseball experience possible for each our clients. A players needs vary and change over time, but with our large scope we are able to customize opportunities in the training and club baseball world to assist with any players process. We believe in transparency, process and structure. At PRD, players are able to tap into the highest level of training, all top national and regional events while using our NCAA and MLB connects to provide career opportunity. We are passionate about our mission and have created a functional ecosystem through our partners and contacts across the United States to assist with the college/professional navigation process.

As always, our mission is to help extend the careers of as many amateur baseball players as possible through training, advising and club team solutions. As we continue to expand into new regions, we connect great baseball people and small business owners who have similar core beliefs with us at PRD. Our objective is to connect positive dots in these new regions and assist in building heightened options and opportunities for players that live there. At the same time, each of these additions serve as a further amenity for existing clients as through their networks we are able to expand our ecosystem and reach across the United States.