Ghost Lab NC Programs / Lessons

Brandon Golden Individualized S&C Plan with pre throw or pre swing routine

Brandon GOlden Individualized S&C Plan with pre swing/throw, workload management for both pitchers and position players year round, mental performance

Brandon Golden Movement Assessment

Pre Throw/Swing Routine

Armored Heat

Trackman Pitching Lesson

Hittrax Eval

Hitting Lesson w/ Ryder

Brandon Golden Pitching Lesson

30 min Pitching Lesson w/ Ryder Giles

Pitching Eval w. Trackman, Markerless motion capture and overall breakdown of biomechanics and pitching metrics

Treament with Monica

Youth Training Package (Group)

Catching Lesson with Washer

Locations & Directions

Find Us: Ghost Lab, 5270 Glenola Industrial Drive, High Point, NC 27263

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