Artillery National Teams

(4) top 20 teams via Perfect Game USA rankings at the 14U thru 18U age groups

Artillery Mission Statement

Artillery Baseball strives to proactively assist in college baseball recruiting as well as the MLB draft process for players through their travel Baseball high school careers. Our organization in conjunction with PRD Baseball Academy:

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We.provide parents and players the resource of having first hand assistance in this process.


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PRD College Office

Through acquiring so many positive relationships and partners, PRD has created an ecosystem of recruitment where our players have opportunity to gain exposure in many different regions. We set up on-campus events across the year to put our players in front of NCAA coaches and give those coaches background on each player prior to the event. The college staff reached back out to us with the interest of the players they have interested in after the event. In addition, we assist in the operation of Pipeline Showcases which creates broad exposure at two intervals in the summer.


Get on Gerry's radar today! The Director of our PRD College Office, Gerry Patrizio, is here for you. Day in and day out, he tracks all of our players across in need of collegiate navigation in the Sophomore, Junior & Senior class! With the support of each Ghost director and our PRD admins, Gerry keeps tabs on our guys and connects with each player via text to keep everyone on the same page.

In order for us to reach out to colleges via our college office, players must be part of our planning branch where they receive a SportRecruits profile under our PRD umbrella where we can see schools that view each players profile, a newsfeed of communication back and forth via player/colleges + more. Having a profile under PRD assists us in reaching out to colleges when the time is right so we can help get your player off the board! To register, follow this link: PRD's NCAA Planning Link

In addition, Gerry & our other PRD NCAA college advisors offer 1 on 1 zoom sessions with players and families for only $65 per session. Visit PRD's EZ Facility and Book a Session with one of our advisors in the NCAA office today! Player navigation and family planning is crucial in the college placement process. With the current market for sports advisors being so pricey, one of our initiatives in 2024 across PRD is to assist our players/families in not only being correctly placed, but at a fraction of the cost of other options. Feel free to text Gerry at 908-229-6103 for further details!

College Commitments

Michael Simone

Manhattan - 2024

Zach Fronio

Boston College - 2025

Trey Gregory-Alford

UVA - 2024

Chase Harlan

Clemson - 2024

Carter Christenson

Ohio State - 2025

Nick Bradley

Auburn University - 2026

Caleb Bonemer

UVA - 2024

Nicky Becker

UVA - 2025

Thomas O'Connell

UVA - 2025

Sal Garcia

Duke - 2026

Ryan Costello

LSU - 2024

AJ Gracia

Duke University - 2023

Ty Fox

Ohio State - 2024

Griffen Enis

Ole Miss - 2025

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